Creative Design, Flawless Workmanship, Exceptional Quality. HISAR has been the leader of "The Art of Dining" concept since 1968 in Turkey. Today, HISAR products are demanded by leading hotels and restaurants throughout Europe and Asia.

HISAR makes flatware, cookware, porcelain and accessories which can be used and relied upon from generation to generation. They are so confident of their quality that they offer a 100 year warranty on their flatware!

This brand also possesses the prominent AISI 304 quality, 18/10 chromium-nickel alloy stainless steel and is named as one of the leading 20 companies by IBM's "Production Systems Catalog". What's more, HISAR also holds the first ISO (International Standardization Organization) 9001 quality certificate handed out in this sector.

We invite you to visit the HISAR Lebanon showroom to see why HISAR is such a celebrated brand throughout the world!